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The electric-blue thunder of truth has struck down at all the lies taught them a lesson of honesty which is the best policy . The teal galaxy of doom it kills all the laughter spreads evil spirits sends you to the desert of death. A neon missil (More)
Aran wrote: Part 1 I woke up!
I woke up at midnight to drink water but I saw a shadow of a human on the wall. A shiver shot up my spine, I surged up the stairs and went under my bed. I heard footsteps in my room there was blood dripping down onto the floor! I took a deep breath a (More)
Aran wrote: What was that...
Monday: One dark gloomy night Jez woke up to a bang. Tom was still sleeping but Jez went down the stairs to see what it was... Tom woke up because a scream came from down the stairs. Tom was petrified but he took a deep breath in and went to see (More)