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The Midnight Gang is a children's book that I have read recently. It's about a group of children who are in hospital and are always up for an adventure. Read about their cunning plans to make their dreams come true. The author is David Walliams, who (More)
Summary: Sally Lockhart is living quietly in London when she hears the news of her father's tragic death at sea - and receives the ominous warning he left before he died. Soon Sally is plunged into a terrifying mystery in the dark heart of Victori (More)
Summary: There is a boy named Bradley , who isn't very popular; everyone hates him but that's because of his behaviour. His line that he usually says is "Give me a dollar or I'll spit on you". Everyone was a bit scared of him at the start but then h (More)
The Enemy is a horror book that I recently read. It is based in present/modern times and it's mainly based around zombies. It's very morbid at times and not for someone who doesn't like stuff to do with blood and things hanging off people's bodies. B (More)