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Josh wrote: Literacy Homework
Do you leave your homework until the last minute? Would you refuse to do it, even if your parents said so? If this sounds like you, don't stop reading and listen to these 3 reasons why you shouldn't do that. Firstly, if you do it on the first day (More)
I tiptoed down the long, barren road and turned to enter the abandoned park. The rain hammered down on me and I got soaked. Suddenly, I heard something rustling in the bushes. The colour drained from my face. Immediately, I went over to have a little (More)
Josh wrote: The Tractor Beam
The Tractor Beam It was October 1996, and the farmer Joanne was harvesting her corn. She had worked hard and long on it, and now she was finished. Suddenly, she heard a peculiar sound. 'Zum, zum, zum' it went. Everything suddenly went silent. Then, (More)
Josh wrote: Hedgehog Invasion
Hedgehog Invasion It was dawn at the petrol station and Jerry was filling his purple van up with diesel. Suddenly, a hedgehog jumped out of the nearby vending machine and lashed at the user. Then a swarm of hedgehogs came out the store, destroying e (More)
Dear diary, What a day! We just found some pebbles in our pockets after a crazy adventure! First, me and Jez saw a light on the way home. Then, it streaked through the forest and began to flicker! We then followed the light, and with our hearts th (More)
Alien LandingIt was late at night, and Tom, and his cousin Jez, were fishing by the lake. An unknown person told them that they need to "go home" so they did so. But on the way home, Tom and Jez heard a whirring sound overhead. Half a mile away, a fl (More)