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Olivia wrote: Mystery by Olivia
Jojo and Keira set off to go to the park a couple of roads away. Getting excited, the two friends started happily skipping down the road. Skipping down the road, they went into a shop to get some food for a picnic. Jojo and Kiera entered the shop la (More)
Did you hear about lessons after school? Teachers and parents at KPPS (knowle park primary school) agree. Others disagree. What do you think is best? Everyone has been discussing the situation: it seems important that many should have lessons after s (More)
Olivia wrote: I will put in the box
I will put in the chest, A crystal scale from an ancient dinosaur, A broken sky shattered into one thousand pieces, A whisper from a silver secret. I will put in the chest, The popping of popcorn in the orangest fire, The last bite of a crisp s (More)