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Isabel Wong wrote: Poem by Isabel
The clock of curses ticked every second away,                                                                 The raven missile of power ripped the earth to shreds,                                    (More)
The coal fire skulked across the wood of sadness. The chocolate maze spreads determination. The ash nightmare awakens the dreamsnatcher.   A powerful cherry raindrop demolishes the city. A powerless lightning tries to strike. T (More)
        Nightmares Tsunamis cursed the land as fear struck with mystery. The crimson locket of power creates a wave of spells as the ebony nightmares start the clock of emotions.        Dreams A dream of thoughts echoed acros (More)
Yesterday, we had a court case where we and the jury had to decide if Joe was guilty of stealing the box of jewels. Mr Walker claimed that Joe did steal the jewels he explained that he took them without asking whose they are. (More)
The key of mysteries tries to unlock the secrets of the mountains. An emerald maze hides its hidden exit, shutting out the rest of the world. No one comes out of the land of future; no one goes in. The ivory thunder screeches at anyone who d (More)
a crimson tear rises into heaven full of joy an amber locket glides towards the field of happiness a teal galaxy carries stars of wishes a flame of death bursts into a future of grace heather raindrops curse the city of emotion the mag (More)
Charlie Ponsford wrote: Charlie's poem
The neon missile of life and death created a huge explosion.                                    That could wipe the city.                                                                          (More)
Liana wrote: Poem: Thoughts
Nightmares The crimson locket of power starts to create a wave of spells as the ebony nightmares start the clock of emotions. The tsunami cursed the land as fear struck with mystery a spell tricked the city of hope a tangerine meteor demolished it (More)
Lewis Brown wrote: Lewis's poetry
The cyan bullet of life. The lapis gun of death. The cherry star of life and death. The lapis nightmare of death. The silent echo of death. A cyan flaming skull. (More)
Bailey Nash wrote: Bailey's poem
An raven key locks away the silence of the galaxy. An key opens a vortex to a different galaxy. The frozen flame started to crack and pop. An amber wave washed people to silence . The neon nuke of life and death or silence. The blue berry ice st (More)