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Harry wrote: A poem by harry
I will throw in my box, The last tick of a grandfather clock, The skull of a family member, The final demonic nightmare.   I will throw in my box, The first bite of golden cheese, A bronze sunset, Fresh blood on a midni (More)
THE CAT WHO COULD CONTROL ALL. There once was a cat called snuggles, the cutest cat there could be, he had not one owner, not two but three, the first one, Beth I believe. the second ones name was rather a laugh, of course I mean Steve, (More)
Crimson darkness gloves the sky, Violet echos, whispered lies Scarlet heartbeat darts a breath Sapphire thought in icy death   Emerald gasp eternal sleep, Maroon hope free falling keep, Silver sullen chuckle lost in deep zest, Ivory shad (More)
Falling: Plummeting  through outer space, Anxiety was coating my face, What use was it in calling, I just kept falling, falling.   Despite being up so high , I knew that I was about to die, Life was no longer ruling , (More)
Lowenna wrote: POEM by Lowenna
THIS IS NOT ACTUALLY ME!!! A crimson strike across the heart Not daring to look as we fall apart A silver thought upon the mind H ow could we make everyone kind   The ebony thunder shouting above Stifling pain - no sign of l (More)
Isabel wrote: Homework. by Isabel
Honesty is one of the Only great ways to go about life Never have I heard of anyone who Ever always told lies and made Something of Themselves. If You ever feel like lying, tell the truth: everything will turn out OK. (More)