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Kayla looked up from her pillow and scanned the room. She was awoken by an ominous sound coming from the sky. It was so powerful you could see it. Mid-heaven was a shade of palateless grey : a mixture of the billowing clouds and the dark night sky. T (More)
" if I was you I wouldn't go playing a bout by the tree house." Said uncle jim. Obiousllly the girl's whent strate their. an tornado raged and the tree house roof caused pandmoneom.It was like the girls were atacked by the hevy rain. they hated it. p (More)
Skeletal trees loomed over the city like a trap. Infectious lightning ripped the sky into shreds , destroying anything in its way. Vigorous thunder rattled in mid-heaven. Apocalyptic wind battled the bare trees. Ominous rain cascaded down to earth (More)
The distant creaks of electric bolts shuddered the trees and ground. The shrieks of a branch after being struck by the vicious devils fingers. The city from afar stopped in their tracks to witness the beginning of the apocalypse. The wind swirled; th (More)
As vigorous wind slapped against the metallic buildings, lightning bolts zipped down to earth. The clouds had turned into tornados and the tornados had been turned into doom! No one was in sight. The skies sob turned into a impotent roar - like a cla (More)
Sophie wrote: The Lightning!!!
The sky darkens as the clouds rumble.   A gentle breeze started followed by a rumble of thunder, wooden figures sway in the breeze.  The gentle breeze switched like a light switch to a hard heavy wind.  A fork of lighting struck the sky. As lighti (More)
Tentacles of lightning cascaded down and stung the earth.The silent night of the city was interrupted by a crackle of lightning and a bellow from hell.The gods of above where battling over head - Zuus was indignant .His gnarled fingers reached down,d (More)
Louis wrote: HURRICANE by Louis
Waves of terror attacked the harmless victims as if they were making their way to war  again,the clashing of the waves against the rocks trying to taunt their enemies.Drowning roots taking their last inhale of air,water scattering everywhere like a (More)
Vigorous lightning bolts zipped down to Earth , figuring out its next victim . The sky rattled vigorously . Relentless rain streamed down on to Earth . A rush of roaring wind tore at the trees . Would this ever get better ? The trees were like puppet (More)
Giants with their hearts ripped out loomed above the livid clouds . The air was shrouded with the smell of smoke . A glint of evil sun beamed through the city of terror . Vigorous wind rattled throughout the apocolyptic , sinister air . In rage , evi (More)